Change in the composition of a Management Board.

There has been a change in Management Board of Thegra Poland in December 2023. Currently the Chairmen of Management Board and General Manager as well is Victor Theeuwes.

63rd European Commodities Exchange

In 12-13.10.2023 took place 63rd edition of the European Commodities Exchange. What is important - first time in Central-Eastern Europe. The event was a great opportunity for participants for new experiences, contracts and talks. During the event it was  also a time to present the potential of the Polish economy and agri-food sector. 

The Gdańsk Grain Exchange

It has been a week since we participated in an event - the Gdańsk Grain Exchange, which took place on 13.07.2023 in Sopot.
It was an unforgettable experience filled with intense discussions, inspiring presentations, and valuable connections. See u next year.

Polish Grain Day 2023

These were two successful days.

25.05- Commencement Gala Dinner with invited guests and great concert in beautiful scenery of Ufficio Primo.

25.06- Inauguration ceremony of Polish Grain Day 2023, lectures and panel discussion titled Safe agri-food sector with the participation of Wojciech Krzywosądzki.


7 th Prague Karlsbourse 2023.

Thegra Poland took part in the most important exchange/exhibition of the agricultural, feed and food industry in Eastern Europe- 7 th Prague Karlsbourse.