Thegra Poland LLC (Limited Liability Company) is a trading company active on agricultural and food market since 1999. The experience we have gained over the years is used in cooperation with Polish agricultural producers, processors and trading companies. We offer a variety of commodities such as: grains, oilseeds and feed components. We operate on domestic market. Moreover, we specialise in import and export of products. We are thereby able to find optimal solutions for our trading partners. Cooperation with Thegra Poland means individual and personal approach to customer, top-tier sales support, competitive prices, timely performance of contractual obligations and analysis of market prices. Due to our freight forwarding contacts we will meet your expectations regarding fast shipping deadline and delivery of goods nationwide.

In December 2023 the Chairmen of Menagement Board and General Menager as well became Victor Theeuwes.

Thegra Poland team consists of traders and logisticians who will provide you with top-tier customer service.

What distinguishes us

  • knowledge
  • timeliness
  • credibility
  • innovativeness
  • professionalism


  • professional customer service
  • analysis of ruling prices
  • long-term cooperation
  • competitive prices

For Customer

  • short payment periods
  • individual and personal approach
  • timely performance of contractual obligations