On 8th December 2022 Thegra Poland’s employees participated in a conference organised by ‘Grupa d5’ in Żuromin (Masovian Voivodeship, Poland). The event was addressed to poultry producers. The main part focused on presentations whose aim was to give answers to the question posed by the conference organisers, namely “How to find yourself in the time of crisis?”.

During the conference two representatives of Thegra Poland lectured on current situation on feedstock markets. Michał Dybał, chairman of the Thegra Poland board, focused on soybean meal matter. He talked about pricing process and current global balance sheet, including both upcoming harvest in South America and the situation on the sea freight market. Another member of our company, Wojciech Krzywosądzki, concentrated on presenting the latest data on grain import from Ukraine, simultaneously trying to estimate their influence on wheat and corn prices in Poland.

As Thegra Poland we strive to share our knowledge about the market with our suppliers/customers and to present full market. We strongly believe that it will enable our partners to make decisions good for their business activity.